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The rate is based on double occupancy, with breakfast and excluding tourist tax 2.5 Eur per day and person (less than 13 years old tourist tax is not applied)


You can book or consult the price by clicking on ONLINE RESERVATION, with immediate confirmation and secure payment


Rates may vary depending on length of stay, current promotions and different conditions


Consult the conditions at the time of booking or in the dedicated section


The prices and conditions are valid only on this site and in direct booking



Moroccan regulations regarding entry to Morocco stipulate that any foreigner wishing to go to Morocco must have a valid passport (minimum 6 months)

If no visa is required for nationals of the European Union, the valid passport is compulsory. For other countries please consult the nearest Moroccan consulate.

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Currencies, dirhams

The Dirham in principle we should not be able to buy it outside of Morocco. In practice, it is possible but not interesting because outside Morocco, the price is unfavorable and the exchange costs high.

You can exchange your currencies in dirhams at bank ATM or in one of the many independent exchange offices. The price can vary (avoid exchange offices at the airport) and there are no fixed costs